Conference & Programme

MPIM PropTech Europe 2nd edition

Global leaders in real estate, technology and venture capital affirmed the importance of the human experience at the second ever MIPIM PropTech Europe, where user expectations were the focus of taking proptech to the next level.

In a climate of global competitiveness and late cycle headwinds, technological innovation was shown to be vital for making European cities more liveable, as well as promoting economic success, in a broader approach to the future of the built environment.

Today, some of the most effective and far-reaching solutions for the real estate industry are emerging from start-up culture, driving massive investor interest in the sector. While proptech research and development was once the focus of niche venture capital, today every real estate company realises that they need to be in on the act. MIPIM PropTech Europe is now hosting that dialogue.

This is what our speakers said

Can a building make someone more productive? Productivity is dead. Long live performance. Too many smart buildings are overfocused on design. Optimising spaces is a different science.

Josh Artus, Co-Founder & Director, The Centric Lab

There is nothing more sustainable than maintaining the heritage around us, and finding ways to integrate technology within those buildings.

Kai-uwe Bergmann, Partner, BIG

I believe buildings will become more human in the future. To get there, buildings will become more connected. Not just in a digital sense, but in terms of their environment.

Csongor Csukas, CEO Property Management France, Deputy Head of International PM, BNP Paribas Real Estate

Rules for big corporates wanting to work well with startups:

1: have strong support from top execs to operationals; latter can worry about being disrupted
2: adapt to startups. Some decisions can take 1 year; that’s 100 for a startup!

Séverine Farjon, Managing Director, RAISE REIM

We are not afraid of robots coming, going bananas and shooting us all. But we are all afraid of becoming irrelevant. It's worse than dying. What would you do in your life if you weren't afraid? LLeaders need vulnerability. There's nothing soft about soft skills. They are the hard skills.

Anders Indset, Business Philosopher

We are focusing a lot of R&D on how tech can change real estate. AI and mobility will affect how many people actually work in offices. But we feel our real estate is incredibly well connected.

Sally Jones, Head of Strategy & Investments, British Land

Modern life can make people feel like they have lost contact with their neighbours. We have reintroduced social centres to fulfill a need for 'marketplaces', plus participatory surveys to find out what they want.

Michal Olszewski, Deputy Mayor, WARSAW CITY HALL

5 proptech lessons:
- Don’t ignore innovation
- Cannibalise/disrupt yourself
- New demand requires a new approach
- Business models will evolve, be a part of it
- Own the customer relationship
...and don’t forget VC pitfalls!

Roelof Opperman, Co-Lead of PropTech Investments, Fifth Wall

Space is about sustainability. If you can reduce your space to the right amount, there's a huge energy saving. Space is also about technology, there will be 1 million new devices coming online per hour by 2020.

Xavier Perrin, Real estate portfolio director, Microsoft