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Located in the 19th arrondissement, LE CENTQUATRE-PARIS is a unique space dedicated to the production and diffusion of art, culture and innovation around the world. MIPIM PropTech Europe chose this space for its 2019 edition given this year's conference theme, Matching User Expectations. The theme is reflected in the role of LE CENTQUATRE-PARIS as a collaborative platform, and the way this space has transformed the urban environment and its users.

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Luigia De Ianni

Sales Coordinator Real Estate 

+33  1 79 71 96 35


My-Lan Cao

Real Estate Press Director, ReedMidem

+33 1 79 71 95 44


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An intimate hotel, a comfortable furnished flat or a palace in Paris. The diversity of hotels at MIPIM PropTech Europe will allow you to find the best accommodation that suits your needs.


5 rue Curial, 75019, Paris, France
July 1-2, 2019
9.00 to 19.00


Riquet (lines 7), Stalingrad (lines 2, 5 et 7), Marx Dormoy (line 12)

Train (RER)

RER - line E or Tram - line T3 - Rosa Parks

Lines 54, 60 - Crimée, Curial

Parking 2000 (234 rue de Crimée)

Résidence Berzelius (156 rue d'Aubervilliers)

Parking résidentiel de Flandre (41 rue de Flandre)

Rouen Flandre (8 rue de Rouen)